Yo Ho Ho and a Plate Full of YUM!!!

As an Islip resident and a fan food and spirits, I am thrilled that our little part of Main Street boasts a new restaurant and bar…PORT ROYAL GRILLE!!!

Port Royal Grille is EXACTLY what Islip’s Main Street needed! As an Islip resident, you are welcomed before you get in the door because Royal Port Grille is “The Original Home of the Buccaneers” and everyone in Islip is a Bucs fan. Once you arrive, you are greeted by the warmth and charm of an old school pub and the friendly faces of the staff. It has already become a favorite watering hole for Islip locals. As a mom, I love the idea that the bar, while very much part of the restaurant, is separated from the dining area by a wall. While sitting down to dinner with my family, I don’t always like to see and hear what is happening at the bar and while I am out with the “grown-ups” at the pub, I am not really interested in having the “small fries” in arm’s reach.
But what about the food? One word…WOW!!! Here’s another word…VALUE. Like many families during these times, we have significantly cut back on our dining out. Port Royal Grille offers a delicious menu with an incredible variety and everything on it has the finest ingredients. You can taste the freshness and a whole lot of flavor and for the quality, the price tag is so low. My husband loves the grilled chicken with Port Royal’s own jerk sauce. My favorite is the marinated sliced steak sandwich topped with mushrooms in an incredible Guinness sauce. YUMMY!!! Stay and enjoy the ambiance or take it to bring back and enjoy in your home’s own ambiance.
Go down and see for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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