Sometimes Doing What You Hate Will Get You to a Place You Love

The photo on the left is of me on the red carpet at an event in May 2014.

  • I was three months into Nutrisystem and down about 15 pounds.
  • Exercise still eluded me.  I hated exercise.  I refused to do it.
  • I was pleased with the direction I was going …but frustrated by how long it was taking to see progress.


full body before after

On the right, I am on another red carpet a few months later.

From the start, I was on Nutrisystem for one reason:  realizing portion control.  Before that, every size package was a “single serve” to me.  I am forever grateful to Nutrisystem for getting me on the right track and keeping me motivated with everything from teddy bears to food/water/exercise journals.  I weaned myself off their plan and created my own.  I still eat everything…just not all of it.

About a week after the pic on the left was taken, I incorporated exercise into my daily life.  I remember clearly my first time on the f*ckin elliptical.  I barely got through 5 minutes at the lowest possible setting.  It was the f*ckin elliptical’s first attempt on my life.  I seriously thought I was going to die and swore that I would never be able to use that machine.   After a few weeks of doing an hour of cardio on the recumbent stationary bike, I decided to try the f*ckin elliptical again.  I got through 10 minutes on the lowest possible setting and was the second attempt on my life…but it didn’t kill me. That day I decided that every week, I would add another 10 minutes.  Once I got to 30 minutes, I decided that I would challenge myself to raise the level bi-weekly.  I’m at level 18 now.  Soon I’ll have to think of another challenge and the f*ckin elliptical will have to figure out a new way to kill me…because so far I’ve lived even when I felt like I was gonna die. I still hate exercising.  I do it anyway because I love the results.

The progress I made is beyond my wildest dreams.  While I haven’t achieved all my goals, I know that it is possible and that once goals are realized, part of the celebration is that you continue to raise the bar for yourself.

My bottom line:  It’s worth it to do what you hate to get to where you want to be.