Sometimes Doing What You Hate Will Get You to a Place You Love

The photo on the left is of me on the red carpet at an event in May 2014.

  • I was three months into Nutrisystem and down about 15 pounds.
  • Exercise still eluded me.  I hated exercise.  I refused to do it.
  • I was pleased with the direction I was going …but frustrated by how long it was taking to see progress.


full body before after

On the right, I am on another red carpet a few months later.

From the start, I was on Nutrisystem for one reason:  realizing portion control.  Before that, every size package was a “single serve” to me.  I am forever grateful to Nutrisystem for getting me on the right track and keeping me motivated with everything from teddy bears to food/water/exercise journals.  I weaned myself off their plan and created my own.  I still eat everything…just not all of it.

About a week after the pic on the left was taken, I incorporated exercise into my daily life.  I remember clearly my first time on the f*ckin elliptical.  I barely got through 5 minutes at the lowest possible setting.  It was the f*ckin elliptical’s first attempt on my life.  I seriously thought I was going to die and swore that I would never be able to use that machine.   After a few weeks of doing an hour of cardio on the recumbent stationary bike, I decided to try the f*ckin elliptical again.  I got through 10 minutes on the lowest possible setting and was the second attempt on my life…but it didn’t kill me. That day I decided that every week, I would add another 10 minutes.  Once I got to 30 minutes, I decided that I would challenge myself to raise the level bi-weekly.  I’m at level 18 now.  Soon I’ll have to think of another challenge and the f*ckin elliptical will have to figure out a new way to kill me…because so far I’ve lived even when I felt like I was gonna die. I still hate exercising.  I do it anyway because I love the results.

The progress I made is beyond my wildest dreams.  While I haven’t achieved all my goals, I know that it is possible and that once goals are realized, part of the celebration is that you continue to raise the bar for yourself.

My bottom line:  It’s worth it to do what you hate to get to where you want to be.

One thought on “Sometimes Doing What You Hate Will Get You to a Place You Love

  1. deleyla October 15, 2015 / 3:34 pm

    Your results are inspirational. I can relate to the feelings of disdain when it comes to exercising. There is something very chore like about it. You know you have to do it, but you would much rather just sit down and watch your favorite tv show while eating a delicious bowl of ice cream. The elliptical has become my friend and definitely the one machine that I am able to visibly see my success on. I too started off on level 0 and have now made my way to level 10. I can’t imagine being able to go at a level 18 but I know that it is on the horizon and one day I am going to be there and wonder how the hell I’ll be able to make it to 20. I’m rooting for you. Keep it up, even when you feel like that elliptical may be the death of you =)

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