Triumph Over Adversity

“This chapter of my life will close here, today. I will walk out of this courtroom and not look back. I will do everything in my power to have my story be one of triumph over adversity, not victimization, because that is how I will become whole again. I hereby transfer my suffering to [the convicted rapist] as he receives his sentence today and begins paying the price for his demonic actions on that day.”


~~ Long Island Rape Survivor address to the court at her perpetrator’s sentencing hearing today. He received 25 years for first-degree rape, criminal sexual act, first-degree burglary, first-degree sexual abuse during the initial attack and two counts of second degree conspiracy, as he subsequently tried to hire someone to have her killed.




As a fellow survivor, her statement truly moved me.  Although I have undergone the metamorphosis from victim to survivor, I accepted that the acts that were perpetrated upon me would keep me entombed in my own internal prison to some degree for the rest of my natural life. It never occurred to me until I read her statement today that I have the power to “transfer my suffering” away from me by my own “triumph over adversity,” making me “whole again”.


Thank you, fellow survivor…fellow Long Islander…live by these words…don’t look back but to see the faces of the others you inspire to be triumphant and whole.


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