I Hate Valentine’s Day


It’s true. I hate Valentine’s Day. I consider it an insincere day of atonement. It’s a day that people who are not particularly good to their significant others for the previous 364 days can compensate for it by giving an overpriced bouquet of roses or going out to an overrated restaurant for dinner. Then after the roses have wilted and the dinner has been digested, it’s back to the old behavior…until next Valentine’s Day. I don’t subscribe to this.


Don’t get me wrong, I am far from perfect. I am not conventionally romantic. I can be down-right despicable to live with at times. I’m opinionated, demanding and, as my husband and daughter have pointed out, occasionally hypocritical. I am not what anyone would call “warm.” I generally dislike being touched. Over the last couple of years, the latter two aspects of my personality are starting to make more sense. But you always know where you stand with me and I think that is refreshing in a world where people so often make pretend to people’s faces. My ears are always open to anyone who needs to be heard and I have been known to give some unselfish (even good) advice from time to time as well. And when someone I care deeply for tells me that I’ve said or done (or sometimes not done) something that upsets him or her, I work towards changing so that I don’t cause that person any more pain…at least not in that particular way. To me, that is romantic. To me, that is love. To me, that beats a bouquet of roses any day of the year.


So go ahead and celebrate Valentine’s Day any way you want…and remember that celebration doesn’t have to be confined to February 14th.



3 thoughts on “I Hate Valentine’s Day

  1. michborne February 12, 2010 / 9:20 am

    I love your blogs Judy and I can relate so so many things you say in them. This year my "true" valentine is my daughter. At 7 she has unconditional love for me. She makes me laugh when I feel like crying and always comes back to give me a hug even when she has to endure my obvious sadness at times. This year she will be w/ my Mom and her Grandma on Valentine's Day. She hasn't had a sleepover in a long time because she is such a busy little person and although I would like to keep her here with me I know it isn't fair. I can have her whenever I want and now my Mom will have some of her wonderful love to share her Valentine's Day with. Bryan has a girlfriend and will be staying home so he can go to the movie with her. 13 is such a different age. He doesn't even want me to stay and their going to see Dear John. 😦 But I understand because I would not have wanted my Mom to stay at 13 or even at 22 for that matter. But I am picking them up and we are ordering Chinese. So if anything I will enjoy sharing his time with his first girlfriend on Valentine's Day. Honestly I think the only happy true love is at that young age when it is new and innocent. and again later when the wonderful love for your children fills your heart. Kaitlyn just came down, and is ready for her pancakes. Came to tell me as she always does that she loves me. So I better get going. But have a wonderful Valentine's Day, however you spend it. Enjoy the material things if there are any but more important enjoy the love from the ones you are with.

  2. Judy Cangemi February 14, 2010 / 11:14 pm

    Michelle, The love between Mama and the babies (I don't care how old they get, they will always be "babies" — and I mean that in the most loving way possible) is so special. I am so happy that I was blessed to be able to experience it and to really know what unconditional love is. I am happy that you've been blessed this way, too.Thank you for reading my blogs. It makes me feel really good to know you enjoy them. Thanks for shaing your story, too.Hugs,Judy

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