I write a lot about how proud I am of my daughter. I have good reason to do that. She is the most wonderful child a parent could ask for. Today I want to share with you how proud I am of the man I married.
Salvatore has been so patient, supportive and understanding with all the things that have gone on in my life of late. Although we have had many rocky times in our relationship, we are married. We are partners. We promised each other that we would weather the storms that came into our lives and we both have delivered on that.
We also promised each other that we would celebrate each other’s achievements. Salvatore often jokes with Catalina that he used to be a rock star. He was in a few glam bands — long hair, make-up, spandex, the whole 9-yards — in the ’80’s and played some of the hot local clubs. A minor local celebrety, maybe. A world sensation, no. Which is fine by me. Hell, if he had been a world-famous rock star back in the day, it is highly unlikely that he and I ever would have met, fallen in love and married. He has often said that the life we created together is worth more than his 15 minutes of fame as a rock star would have ever given him.
Music has always been a big part of each of our lives. Our love of the Ramones is one of the big things that brought us together. However, the only musical instrument that I can play is the radio — but I know great music when I hear it. Salvatore on the other hand, is a talented guitarist (i.e. his ticket in the ’80’s to his Rock Stardom). Instead of a dream, it is one of his hobbies. I truly admire him for holding true to what he is passionate about. He still plays out about once a month with a band he and my brother-in-law are in called The Skeevotz. I can’t accurately describe the feeling I get when I see him on stage. The venues they play aren’t huge. The house isn’t always packed. But seeing him on stage whaling out on his guitar with confidence and reckless abandon and the sheer joy he exudes, he is larger than life…and he is all mine.
The Skeevotz are the greatest garage band to come out in a long, long time...quite possibly EVER.
Recently, The Skeevotz went into the recording studio. After what seemed like an endless time mixing, their songs are ready for the world. You can listen to their tracks on Listeners have an opportunity there to give their reviews. They reinforced what I keep telling Salvatore…they have a great sound. There are people in Scandanavia that are digging their tunes. Who knew that once you have let go and moved on from being a worldwide rock star, you open the door to people around the world listening to you play?
My hubby is the hottie in the straw hat looking up. Next to him with the cigar in his mouth is my brother-in-law James (aka Chee). Gino is on the far left and Ronnie is on the far right -- if you knew them better you'd realize how HILLARIOUS that is.
And if you are in the Long Island area this Saturday, January 30th, check out The Skeevotz live at O’Brien’s Ale House Grill, 3720 Route 112 in Coram. My brother-in-law’s other band, The Beauty School Dropouts, is opening for them at 9:30 p.m. Come down and check them out.
I love you, Salvatore. I will always be your #1 groupie!!!

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